Five reasons why Belle is my favorite Disney princess

             I remember my first time watching Beauty and the beast on Disney channel. I was eight years old in the third grade, and was sleeping over at my cousin’s house. All three of us gathered on the couch, with a bag of buttered popcorn, and a huge bag of beef jerky. As a little girl I never fantasized about being a princess, never wanted to be one and never pretended to be one either, truth is I hate all of the Disney princesses at that time except for Pocahontas. Soon as the movie started I barely blinked, I fell in  love with my first movie at the tender age of eight, and here is five reason Belle will always be my favorite Disney princess:

1). She loves to read! I can relate to her I myself love to read, not only did she have beauty she had brains also. She proves the you can be beautiful and smart at the same time.

2). She is not selfish! when her father was kidnapped by the beast Belle bravely followed her father’s horse back to the Beast castle to offer to take her father’s place instead

3). She stands up for herself ( unlike the other princesses).. she can fight her own battles, she stands up to the Beast and Gaston (who pursuit her relentlessly)

 4). She doesn’t play the dismal in distress role….  when she saw her father dying in the woods in his attempt to save her, Belle gets the Beast to allow her to leave and she was able to rescue her father SIDENOTE: I can imagine her being able to change her own tires if her car ever had a flat.

5). She was actually in love..  while living in the castle of the Beast, bell got to know him as a person and as the days went by she fell in love with him…. it wasnt like their saw each other in a day and got marry two minutes later.She looked beyond all of his imperfections

Beauty and The Beast is a classic movie and can teach everyone a lesson.

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7 thoughts on “Five reasons why Belle is my favorite Disney princess

  1. I like Belle because she Disney’s first black princess..
    Little black girls have dreams of being a princess and living in a castle also…
    I’m so glad Disney finally recognized this…
    Beautifully written…

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