you talk like a white girl/guy response

I, and countless of other african americans have been teased for so call “talking white”, by our friends, strangers and sadly even our own family members. One of my very close friends said to me one day, ” you talk so white, the first time I heard you talk I thought you were one of those stuck up bitches.” Wow I was dead silent, and offended. And so she continued on but I tuned her out, not being able to think of a quick smart comeback. That day has always stick with me, as often I get the same remark time and time again. I have finally thought of five remarks to those people who say “You talk like a white girl/guy”.

1. what exactly does the stereotypical black person sound like, and please demonstrate.

2. colors can talk?

3. Not all “white” and black people sound the same, just like we all look different

4. Excuse me…

and if you really wat to be rude just tell them..

5. I don’t speak dumbass that’s all..

I mean I mix slang in some of the way I talk, to make up my own new words but there’s a time and place for everything, if you sound like an open lyric to a rap song none will understand you.

Heres a YouTube video I found on this subject its hilarious, and he explains it way better than I do:

his YouTube channel is this is a commentary look him up

4 thoughts on “you talk like a white girl/guy response

  1. Yes! I get that all the time, yet people don’t understand how stupid they sound when they say that. They are equating talking educated to talking white. Very stupid. I talk professionally when I have to and talk my normal slang, Southern talk when I want to.

  2. Great post. it’s sad because most people have a general idea of what talking and/or acting “black” or “white” is like. I used to get that when i went away to college and came home. People in my old neighborhood would say I talk “white”. When they would see me studying or reading for leisure, they would say I was acting “like a white boy”. Funny. Me, i have a professional voice and my normal, more urban voice. One of my pet peeves is when i attend a lecture or seminar and a person of color is speaking, looks professional, and yet when they open their mouth they sound like they have never taken an English class in their life.

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