6 stereotype of men


1.all they want is sex
so maybe men think about sex throughout more than women do, but that does not make them mean-lean sex machines

2. Men become Doctors not nurses even since the civil war, women have dominated the field of nursing, it may shock some people when a guy aspire to be a nurse, but it is awesome especially if he is super handsome.

3.all men are good at math so they are more likely to be technical fields

4. men don’t cook, clean or do laundry-– men who can cook, instantly become more attractive and mothers are actually teaching their sons to cook more nowadays. And if you watched the food network, you know they have a lot of guy chefs.

5. men are always in control and in charge– this one depends on the type of guy, maybe he likes to let his companion take charge and he like to watch.

and of course..the big one
this one kills me and all women out there who believes in a somewhat fairytale love. It extinguish our hopes, and lead us to believe that if the men that they are with cheats on them, they should stay with that person cause the next guy is no better cause he’s a cheater too. This is so not true!

One thought on “6 stereotype of men

  1. Lala—so far I’m zero out of four…except maybe the first one…all tho’ I don’t totally qualify for that, either! I was a Home Health Aide for “Visiting Nurses”, I’m WAY BETTER in the humanities (like poetry) than the technical, highly logical stuff; I do most of the cooking; ‘fraid I don’t always qualify on the last one either! BOING!—Jonathan

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