#Teamlightskin vs. #Teamdarkskin = #Teamhouseslave vs #Teamfieldhand

#Teamlightskin and #Teamdarkskin has become a meme over Facebook and twitter.


Black people of different shades proudly post pictures of themselves proclaiming their lightness and or darkness without realizing that this is just racist and this issue has been around since slavery time. It is a fact that the usually light-skinned people during slavery were the house slave and the dark-skinned people were the field hands.
They don’t understand that, because duh black people can’t be racist, can they? Well of course they can be. This we call colorism, light-skinned people get stereotype as being beautiful despite facial features, and all dark-skinned people are automatically ugly.This is so not true. This caste system needs to stop…

This YouTube video touches on the subject much better…


4 thoughts on “#Teamlightskin vs. #Teamdarkskin = #Teamhouseslave vs #Teamfieldhand

  1. I keep trying to “Like” this, but for some reason it’s not working. Could be my stupid computer at work, but you are 100% correct. Some people are so ignorant that they don’t know this whole light skin vs. dark skin comes from slavery times when slave masters wanted to put slaves against each other to lessen the chance of a revolt. This is not of Black peoples creation, but of the slave masters, yet we are still suffering it’s psychological effects. It’s a form of post traumatic slave syndrome and it’s sad that so many Black people think their thoughts are their own when they have really been brainwashed.

    • its sad that they keep creating racism in the “black” race. People think that the hair industry is a billion dollar industry, they really have not looked at the skin bleaching industry yet. It is crazy the number of creams and soap products that claim to make your skin “brighter”.

      • I totally agree with you on the bleaching industry. I have family in Trinidad where it is very popular for women to bleach their skin. I heard two students today “claiming” team “teamdarkskin” and I really wanted to pull them aside to educate them, but the timing wasn’t right. Also, one of my clients today, who is a lesbian, was talking a lot about how she is the darkest in her family and she only dates light-skinned girls. I probed her a bit about her feelings towards her skin and why she only dated light-skinned girls and of course she concluded that “light skin is pretty”. I told her she has been brainwashed and doesn’t even realize her thoughts aren’t even her own and that by saying “Light skin is pretty” she is rejecting her own dark-skin which means a lot and probably explains at least in some part why she suffers from depression and anger problems. If you don’t like the skin you are in then you will act out in some way or another.

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