The ride or die chick: three reason you should stop it!!!

The ride or die chicks are defined as chicks that are not afraid to be down for they  man, these are woman  who will  do anything their man needs them to do. They are the  “chicks”  who would do  everything for their man, there are down for the good and the bad. Man who are married and or dating these types of women love the idea that these women are,  fiercely loyal, and will never  ever consider leaving  them no matter what he does. Some infamous ride or die chicks are:

But there are limits to being a ride or die chick and times when you have to walk away.

1. cheating

2. a lengthy prison sentence

You can stick around if it’s just for a couple of months, but if he gets sentenced to more than five years it is clearly time to walk away.

3. being the financial supporter in the relationship, ok I can understand if  man fell on hard times and needs a little help, but constantly having his hand out for a handout  is  plain annoying.



Disney Men for the Ladies

Nice Tights, Bro

In my search to gather photos for my last post (click here to view), I stumbled across the work of David Kawena. He’s an amazing artist, with profiles on DeviantART and Facebook. Mr Kawena also appears to be very popular with the ladies, and you’ll see why when I compare our classic Disney princes to Kawena’s modern counterparts.

Without further ado… Disney men for the ladies.

Shang Li – Mulan

Aladdin – Aladdin

Hercules – Hercules

Flynn Rider – Tangled

Eric – The Little Mermaid

David – Lilo & Stitch

Naveen – The Princess and the Frog

Will Turner – Pirates of the Caribbean

Milo Thatch – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Kocoum – Pocahontas

Jim Hawkins – Treasure Planet

Peter – Peter Pan

Tarzan – Tarzan

Dr. Joshua Sweet – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Adam (so that’s his name) – Beauty and the Beast

John Smith –

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A world without music

Over these past few weeks I have been banging my head against the wall while my fingers are cross, silently praying, just  hoping that a solution will magically fall out of the sky and my problem will disappear. But sadly that did not happen: What is the problem? Well first can you imagine a world let along a universe without a single note of music in it. can you phantom the thought of not having any music for when you are on a run, when you get bored or when your down and need just a tat bit of inspiration to help uplift your soul.Well that is exactly what I am experiencing right now, all of my precious music had been both erased on my IPod and my ITunes account. How did this happen, I have no idea as it is still  an open case, and as of today I have no main suspect. here’s a list of 5 things that would happen if we lived in a world without music.

1. scary movies would be less scary….. we all know it is the music that builds up the tension right before that girl opens the closet door to her doom and she finds this in her closet

2. Micheal Jackson, Beethoven, and the endless list of musical greats all would have been just ordinary Joe the plumber. 


3. Music is the universal language of love…  you might have been conceived to a particular song, and we all know that couple have ‘there song” …so without music just think about  what would happen

4. Artist inspired by music would loose all inspiration…


5.  Our world would be not be creative, we would have one less way of expressing our individuality..


A would without music would be and imposible world to live in, if you really think about it music is in our daily life… Can you imagine a world with no music not?!!

Five memorable quotes from Forrest Gump

I am not to ashamed to admit that I have a unique unusual love for Forrest Gump (the movie) , I get excited whenever this movie comes on any network and I sit through out the entire movie even though I already know all of the twist and turn that will take place in the movie. Because I love this movie so much I have come up with a list of five memorable quotes from Forrest Gump:

1). My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

2). ” You have to do the best with what God gave you.” 

3).  Mama always said, dying was part of life. I sure wish it wasn’t

4). Stupid is as stupid does.

5). My mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.

If you have any quotes you like share them with me.

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Five reasons why Belle is my favorite Disney princess

             I remember my first time watching Beauty and the beast on Disney channel. I was eight years old in the third grade, and was sleeping over at my cousin’s house. All three of us gathered on the couch, with a bag of buttered popcorn, and a huge bag of beef jerky. As a little girl I never fantasized about being a princess, never wanted to be one and never pretended to be one either, truth is I hate all of the Disney princesses at that time except for Pocahontas. Soon as the movie started I barely blinked, I fell in  love with my first movie at the tender age of eight, and here is five reason Belle will always be my favorite Disney princess:

1). She loves to read! I can relate to her I myself love to read, not only did she have beauty she had brains also. She proves the you can be beautiful and smart at the same time.

2). She is not selfish! when her father was kidnapped by the beast Belle bravely followed her father’s horse back to the Beast castle to offer to take her father’s place instead

3). She stands up for herself ( unlike the other princesses).. she can fight her own battles, she stands up to the Beast and Gaston (who pursuit her relentlessly)

 4). She doesn’t play the dismal in distress role….  when she saw her father dying in the woods in his attempt to save her, Belle gets the Beast to allow her to leave and she was able to rescue her father SIDENOTE: I can imagine her being able to change her own tires if her car ever had a flat.

5). She was actually in love..  while living in the castle of the Beast, bell got to know him as a person and as the days went by she fell in love with him…. it wasnt like their saw each other in a day and got marry two minutes later.She looked beyond all of his imperfections

Beauty and The Beast is a classic movie and can teach everyone a lesson.

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20 ways to say: I love you..

Love is an international language which everyone understands below is a list of twenty different way to say  I love you in different languages.

1). French: je t’aime/ je t’adore

2). Greek: S’agapau

3). Hawaii: Aloha wau ia oi

4). Korean: Sarang heyo

5). Pig Latin: Lay ovlay ouyay

6). Dutch: Ik  hou van jou

7). Czech:  Milujite

8). Farsi: Doset daram

9). Creole: Mi aime jou

10). Croatian: Volim te

11). Fillipino: Mahal kita

12). German: Ich liebe dich

13). Irish: Taim i’ ngra leat

14).  Latin: Te amo

15). Mandarin Chinese: Wo ai ni

16).  Persian: Doo-set daaram

17). Portuguese: Eu tea mo

18).  Slovenian: Ljubim

19).  Russian: Ya tebya liubliu

20). Navaho: Ayor anosh ‘ni

Try to say I love you to someone from one of the words above.

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