The pursuit of happiness: #10 and # 11 on my bucket list

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters

In the pursuit of creating the ultimate bucket list I have decided to tackle number ten and eleven on the list, which are essentially the same things. Number ten on my bucket list is to reduce my sugar intake and number eleven on my bucket list is to quit drinking all forms of soda.

Sugar in my household is abundant, my mother is a self proclaim sugar addict, whose teeth are rotten beyond repair. Growing up sugar was a source of comfort to her, although she does not say why that is. I know now that whenever me and brother are in the grocery line asking to take a couple of candy bars off the shelf of the store she, will not hesitate to say yes to us. And if she does say no to us, that is only because she will later take us to our local dollar store where we can essentially get more for a dollar.

We all know that sugar and soda together is America’s public enemy number one. It is hard to escape it’s addictive claws, the simple fact that it tastes extremely good, but I know that I must give them up as a lifestyle change. So to sugar and soda, you just made a life-long enemy.candy



10 items on my bucket list

 I remember my freshman year of highschool, I was fresh meat, had barely any friends, and was (and still is) a dorky shy quiet girl. Then during January of my freshman year I did something mind-blowing, I decided to try out for the track and field team at my school. Crazy right, yes at the time I thought I was insane but I ended up making the team as a long distance runner and I have been running track ever since then. So I had to post this and yeah its one of those post again, although im pretty sure there are hundreds… wait thousands of these ‘BUCKET LIST” post floating around on the world-wide web, you should definitely take a minute to read my list.. maybe it will inspire you to try a new experience.

My bucket list of things I hope to do throughout my lifetime:

1).  Travel to six continents

2). Eat a tarantula in Thailand

3). Backpack throughout all of Europe in a year

4).  Own my own house

5). Produce my own documentary about a topic I am passionate about

6). Own my own shoe line

7). Spend the night in a New york museum

8).  Go camping ( this may sound silly but I really would love to go camping someday)

9).  Climb a mountain

10). Be a mommy! ( in my mature years).

Here are two of my favorite quotes to help inspire you to go out there and just live life:

1). Every man dies-Not every man really live_ William Ross


2).  Y.O.L.O  you only live once Drake The Motto

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