NEWTOWN, Conn.: Police: 27 killed at Conn. school; 1 other dead – Nation Wires –

NEWTOWN, Conn.: Police: 27 killed at Conn. school; 1 other dead – Nation Wires –


Women of the week

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Whitney Kropp is one of those teens who was an outcast at Ogemaw Heights High School in Michigan. So all the bullies thought it would be just hilarious to vote for her as the home-coming court as a joke; the bullied teen told the Today show that she was always made fun of for being “different”. She wears black clothes, and sports unusual hairstyles that made her stand out from the others. She was “thrilled” when she discovered that she was nominated to be on the home-coming court. But then it was revealed to her that it was a joke-“Some kids thought it would be funny to put me in there as a joke, to make fun of me,” she told the “Today” show. She is having the last laugh now, she intends on showing up to homecoming with her head held up high. Her town showed they support, she dines for free at a local restaurant, and her hair and make up are also for free. Also the bonus of being on the Today show.  The women of the week goes to Whitney Kropp, for keeping her head up high when others taunted and bullied her. and for standing up to all of the bullies when she could have taken the easy way out. She not only is beautiful, intelligent, but also strong.

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Long distance relationships are for lazy people

Tuesday morning about twenty-minutes before the school bell rings me and five of my close friends gather into a little circle by the student services to catch up and just talk.  I don’t quite remember how the conversation went from us asking each other about how our summer went to one of my friends blurting out you know my mom says:relación de larga distancia son para gente perezosa… And everyone else (except for me) started to laugh, only because I don’t speak spanish I had no idea what she said. but once it was translated, (thank goodness I have patient friends) I completely agreed with her; Now im not talking about if a couple has been together for a long time and one person has to move away for their job or something. I’m talking about if a couple met online and never bother to visit each other, call, text or Skype each other daily, that is just being lazy. That physical intimacy will never happen if that occurs, and eventually the other person will stop calling and texting you that is exactly what happened to my friend. She went on to share with us how devastated she felt when a week went by and she still had not heard from her from her so-called boyfriend. It has been about three-months since he stopped contacting her, but she still text and call him almost daily now. She wants to find out what happened to him… Not all long distance relationships are doomed to fail but most likely it wont last …

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