A world without music

Over these past few weeks I have been banging my head against the wall while my fingers are cross, silently praying, just  hoping that a solution will magically fall out of the sky and my problem will disappear. But sadly that did not happen: What is the problem? Well first can you imagine a world let along a universe without a single note of music in it. can you phantom the thought of not having any music for when you are on a run, when you get bored or when your down and need just a tat bit of inspiration to help uplift your soul.Well that is exactly what I am experiencing right now, all of my precious music had been both erased on my IPod and my ITunes account. How did this happen, I have no idea as it is still  an open case, and as of today I have no main suspect. here’s a list of 5 things that would happen if we lived in a world without music.

1. scary movies would be less scary….. we all know it is the music that builds up the tension right before that girl opens the closet door to her doom and she finds this in her closet

2. Micheal Jackson, Beethoven, and the endless list of musical greats all would have been just ordinary Joe the plumber. 


3. Music is the universal language of love…  you might have been conceived to a particular song, and we all know that couple have ‘there song” …so without music just think about  what would happen

4. Artist inspired by music would loose all inspiration…


5.  Our world would be not be creative, we would have one less way of expressing our individuality..


A would without music would be and imposible world to live in, if you really think about it music is in our daily life… Can you imagine a world with no music not?!!