Women of the week

Happy Monday everyone, it’s a beautiful morning and honestly I don’t understand why Monday’s get a bad reputation. Why do people hate Monday’s? If anyone can explain this to me please feel free to do so. Anyways I was reading a fascinating blog about a woman name Lizzie Velasquez, who was born without Adipose tissue (body fat), which is a condition  that is so rare that only two other people in the world is known to have this condition. She has been taunted, bullied and cyber bullied on the internet. On YouTube she was named the worlds ugliest women, and one person even commented that she should go kill herself. But she did not let the that stop her from being the best that she can be, she is now a 23-year-old college student, a motivational speaker, and a published  author. And when people stare at her, she wants to go up and tell them to stop staring and start learning. So in honour of her I have started a new event on my blog nameD: Women of the week, to honour inspirational, successful, beautiful, women who’s stories will inspire all of us men and women alike to be the best person we can be.

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Five qualities I want in a husband

                                                                                                         This post is a little awkward for me cause I did not know how to start it, but here goes nothing; so I know this couple  for numerous years now, both men and women are in their early 40’s, and have officially been married for about three-years now, but have been together way longer than that( im not sure the number of years). You would assume that being together for a long time in a committed relationship would make them grow together closer as a couple, more loving towards each other, and or at least after all these years learn how to tolerate each other by now. That is completely the opposite, as time goes by there are ready to rip each others throat out if one of the one stares at the other too intensely or if one of them sip at their soda too loudly (im not kidding). After being a witness to all of their arguments, door slamming, naming calling etc it got me to reflect on the type of men I want to one day marry. Witnessing all of their arguments and fights, afterwards I will always think of the qualities I would want in my future partner (nothing superficial). I know im young, but I have an old soul: So below I have compiled 5 qualities I would love in my future husband: (and if you havent guessed the couple im talking about are my parents):

1).  Friendship….. this is self-explanatory…. I want to build a relationship on concrete ground so it can withstand the test of time, which during that time they will be a lot of windy times and disasters in our path. I want someone I can talk too freely, and openly without the fear of being judged, or criticized.

2)  A cheerleader…. (not someone who dresses in drag) but a motivator, someone who cheers me on when im at my lowest point or when I don’t believe in my self. someone who will always be my number one fan even when my products are not good

3).  RESPECT….  I don’t want to be talked down upon, made fun of etc. I want someone who will respect my values, not belittle me, and will always treat me like a woman.

4). Faithfulness (committed)….  someone who is loyal, to put it in simple words someone who is not a cheater! I appreciate someone who will put a hundred and ten percent in the relationship

5).  Honesty… we all tell lies,(some of us more than others!)  I want someone who will admit that he told a lie, or admit to his wrongdoings

I may be young, but I know what want I just hope I get everything I want out of life. And as I have stated before nothing on this list is superficial

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Five reasons why princess Tiana is my favorite Disney princess(also)

                                                                                                                                  I totally remember begging my friends to come and watch this movie with me, I begged and begged and begged some more till finally two of my close friends broke down and agree to come with me. They were not enthusiastic about paying money to go watch another Disney movie, but to me it was not just another Disney movie it meant so much than that to me. Once we go into our seats in the movie theater and the movie started we did not blink once, it was that amazing! Not only was the movie awesome it was even better to see little black girls in the movie theater with eyes wide open and shiny like stars looking up at the screen. When the movie ended we walked out of the double wide doors of the movie theater, all of us loud screaming on the top of our lungs our favorite part( in the middle of the theater!.)…  ever since then I loved this movie and have watched numerous times….. Here are five reasons why Tiana from the movie: Princess and the frog is also one of my favorite princesses:

1).  she is the owner of a restaurant…..   when the movie began she went through a lot of hardship but she finally owned her owned restaurant… proven once again you can have beauty and brains

2). she is the first African-American Disney princess…  in Disney’s history they has never been an African-American that little black girls can look up too.! Now every little colored girl can have someone who has brains, beauty, and who is a great role model to look up too

3). she is a role model…. she has dreams, aspirations,  and went to pursuit her goal no matter what the situation was.. She taught me something about not giving up and doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. plus there is not role models at all for little girls of color to look up too that have their skin color in which they can identify with them more.

4). she is caring and loving….  she teaches Naveen how to cook when they were out in the Bayou, an awwwww moment that would just make your heart melt, when taught her how to dance (cute)

5). she realize that family is important…  Tiana father died without before he got to accomplish his dreams of owning his own restaurant. So she set out to do everything in her power to live the dream her father could not, in the end of the movie she finally realized that her father may not have gotten his dreams come true but he had a family and that is all that mattered to him.!!

I love this movie, Tiana taught me to work had and pursuit my goals  and she taught me that it is ok to be smart and work hard for what you want for the future at young age. I recommend that everyone watch this movie it is amazing!!!


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Long distance relationships are for lazy people

Tuesday morning about twenty-minutes before the school bell rings me and five of my close friends gather into a little circle by the student services to catch up and just talk.  I don’t quite remember how the conversation went from us asking each other about how our summer went to one of my friends blurting out you know my mom says:relación de larga distancia son para gente perezosa… And everyone else (except for me) started to laugh, only because I don’t speak spanish I had no idea what she said. but once it was translated, (thank goodness I have patient friends) I completely agreed with her; Now im not talking about if a couple has been together for a long time and one person has to move away for their job or something. I’m talking about if a couple met online and never bother to visit each other, call, text or Skype each other daily, that is just being lazy. That physical intimacy will never happen if that occurs, and eventually the other person will stop calling and texting you that is exactly what happened to my friend. She went on to share with us how devastated she felt when a week went by and she still had not heard from her from her so-called boyfriend. It has been about three-months since he stopped contacting her, but she still text and call him almost daily now. She wants to find out what happened to him… Not all long distance relationships are doomed to fail but most likely it wont last …

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10 items on my bucket list

 I remember my freshman year of highschool, I was fresh meat, had barely any friends, and was (and still is) a dorky shy quiet girl. Then during January of my freshman year I did something mind-blowing, I decided to try out for the track and field team at my school. Crazy right, yes at the time I thought I was insane but I ended up making the team as a long distance runner and I have been running track ever since then. So I had to post this and yeah its one of those post again, although im pretty sure there are hundreds… wait thousands of these ‘BUCKET LIST” post floating around on the world-wide web, you should definitely take a minute to read my list.. maybe it will inspire you to try a new experience.

My bucket list of things I hope to do throughout my lifetime:

1).  Travel to six continents

2). Eat a tarantula in Thailand

3). Backpack throughout all of Europe in a year

4).  Own my own house

5). Produce my own documentary about a topic I am passionate about

6). Own my own shoe line

7). Spend the night in a New york museum

8).  Go camping ( this may sound silly but I really would love to go camping someday)

9).  Climb a mountain

10). Be a mommy! ( in my mature years).

Here are two of my favorite quotes to help inspire you to go out there and just live life:

1). Every man dies-Not every man really live_ William Ross


2).  Y.O.L.O  you only live once Drake The Motto

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20 ways to say: I love you..

Love is an international language which everyone understands below is a list of twenty different way to say  I love you in different languages.

1). French: je t’aime/ je t’adore

2). Greek: S’agapau

3). Hawaii: Aloha wau ia oi

4). Korean: Sarang heyo

5). Pig Latin: Lay ovlay ouyay

6). Dutch: Ik  hou van jou

7). Czech:  Milujite

8). Farsi: Doset daram

9). Creole: Mi aime jou

10). Croatian: Volim te

11). Fillipino: Mahal kita

12). German: Ich liebe dich

13). Irish: Taim i’ ngra leat

14).  Latin: Te amo

15). Mandarin Chinese: Wo ai ni

16).  Persian: Doo-set daaram

17). Portuguese: Eu tea mo

18).  Slovenian: Ljubim

19).  Russian: Ya tebya liubliu

20). Navaho: Ayor anosh ‘ni

Try to say I love you to someone from one of the words above.

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