The pursuit of happiness: #10 and # 11 on my bucket list

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters

In the pursuit of creating the ultimate bucket list I have decided to tackle number ten and eleven on the list, which are essentially the same things. Number ten on my bucket list is to reduce my sugar intake and number eleven on my bucket list is to quit drinking all forms of soda.

Sugar in my household is abundant, my mother is a self proclaim sugar addict, whose teeth are rotten beyond repair. Growing up sugar was a source of comfort to her, although she does not say why that is. I know now that whenever me and brother are in the grocery line asking to take a couple of candy bars off the shelf of the store she, will not hesitate to say yes to us. And if she does say no to us, that is only because she will later take us to our local dollar store where we can essentially get more for a dollar.

We all know that sugar and soda together is America’s public enemy number one. It is hard to escape it’s addictive claws, the simple fact that it tastes extremely good, but I know that I must give them up as a lifestyle change. So to sugar and soda, you just made a life-long enemy.candy



The pursuit of happiness

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”
― Mark Twain

We all are promised the certainty of death, It is a well known fact that all creatures on planet Earth will head to a shallow grave; but we all travel different paths in order to reach our destiny. A bucket list is not merely a list of goals to accomplish before we die, because it is not know to us when the grim reaper will come. Will he come an hour from now, tomorrow, or ten years from now. A bucket list is list of goals to accomplish in the moment, because the next upcoming minute is not promised to us. Keeping this fact in the back of my brain I decided to compile a list of things I want to accomplish, and while I accomplish them I will be sure to keep a record of all the things I did with pictures to blog about them. This is part one of a long list of other parts to come: here is the first 50.

1. write a short story
2. create a sculpture
3. be a vegetarian for a month( this one is to say I did that once)
4. Graduate high school
5. attend my high school prom ( initially I said I did not want to go, but now I must)

6. say yes to everything for a day
7. finish my bucket list
8. run a 10 k
9. do 100 push-ups in a row
10. reduce my sugar intake

11. quit drinking all forms of soda
12. learn how to bake from scratch
13. teach myself how to paint
14. teach myself photography
15. become a food critic

16. learn how to swim
17. get accepted to college
18. attend a drive-in movie with friends
19. swim with dolphins( after I learn how to swim)
20. learn CPR

21. plant a tree
22. spend a day at the local farmers market
23. get a job
24. meet a best friend(hopefully)
25. have the world’s largest water balloon fight

26. buy a meal for a homeless person
27. get my ears pierced for a second time
28. run a marathon
29. teach a child how to tie his/her shoes
30. buy a polaroid

31. learn how to eat healthy for a long period of time
32. inspire someone
33. make my own granola bars
34. go camping
35. go bowling for the first time

36. sing karaoke in front of other people
37. go indoor rock climbing
38. solve a rubik’s cube
39. write a song
40. make my own pizza

41. study abroad
42. bake a pie from scratch
43. try a hookah
44. meet someone crazy enough that will let me plan their wedding
45. visit the Grand Canyon

46. make and fly my own kite
47. get a six pack
48. take a yoga class
49. start my own business
50. learn to sew



I have recently came to a somewhat terrifying realization these past few months, which was that I’ve been been alive for seventeen years.  Seventeen years, almost two decades and you would think that the fact that I’m getting old would resognate with me and depress me, but no sadly it has not.I’ve seem to have suddenly realize that I have absolutely no major accomplishments in my life (I’m not even a high school graduate, yet). There’s no brag worthy moments that I can rub in peoples faces by saying, “see I’ve been there, done that.”
With this little self conclusion,it has not made loose “my purpose in life”, it only opened my eyes to the fact that I have not gained that purpose yet, I’m sort of like a late bloomer in a way; if your were to ask me the millom dollar question that had been directed towards everyone at omg point in their life time, “what do you want to do with your life?” My honest answer would be that I have no idea. Life if long, and I certainly don’t want to make a rash decision, and feel as if I have to uphold that one decision to the point where I have to honor and carry out that one decision and spite commitment to it.( yup, I’m that kind of person).
     So I’ve decided to pave my own path into self discovery, and the best way I figure how to do that is to make an awesome bucket list of things I want and hope to accomplishe through out my lifetime. It going to be  almost like living my life through a bucket list…..

So She Is

“Malala doesn’t just represent one young woman, she speaks out for all those who are denied an education purely on the basis of their gender.” So says Shahida Choudhary who is campaigning for the 15-year-old symbol of women’s rights to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Unfortunately, to achieve this recognition the Pakistani schoolgirl had to be hunted down and shot in the head at point-blank range – she nearly lost her young life and was moved to a hospital in Birmingham, England mid-October to receive the care she needed to recover. This terrible ordeal was all because she wanted to go to school and she wanted all other girls in Pakistan to be able to go to school.

Yesterday her father told the world that his daughter was “inspired and humbled” by the messages of support and cards of well wishes she has received from people all over the world…

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10 items on my bucket list

 I remember my freshman year of highschool, I was fresh meat, had barely any friends, and was (and still is) a dorky shy quiet girl. Then during January of my freshman year I did something mind-blowing, I decided to try out for the track and field team at my school. Crazy right, yes at the time I thought I was insane but I ended up making the team as a long distance runner and I have been running track ever since then. So I had to post this and yeah its one of those post again, although im pretty sure there are hundreds… wait thousands of these ‘BUCKET LIST” post floating around on the world-wide web, you should definitely take a minute to read my list.. maybe it will inspire you to try a new experience.

My bucket list of things I hope to do throughout my lifetime:

1).  Travel to six continents

2). Eat a tarantula in Thailand

3). Backpack throughout all of Europe in a year

4).  Own my own house

5). Produce my own documentary about a topic I am passionate about

6). Own my own shoe line

7). Spend the night in a New york museum

8).  Go camping ( this may sound silly but I really would love to go camping someday)

9).  Climb a mountain

10). Be a mommy! ( in my mature years).

Here are two of my favorite quotes to help inspire you to go out there and just live life:

1). Every man dies-Not every man really live_ William Ross


2).  Y.O.L.O  you only live once Drake The Motto

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